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Phosphorus-copper-tin rod
"Copper-phosphorus-tin solder belongs to phosphorus-copper solder, with low melting point and better fluidity than other phosphorus-copper materials. It is widely used in the brazing of statistical copper alloy parts in refrigeration, electrical machinery, instrumentation and other industries. Parts can be applied to brazed joints with larger clearances. Brazing methods include flame brazing, furnace brazing, induction brazing and resistance brazing.
  • Product diameter:Different size available per customer's request
  • Product packaging:Different products are packaged according to customer requirements.
  • Product content:No

Product details

National Standard CuSnP Brazing Filler Metal
Standard Correlative Composition(by mass)/% MeltingWorking
Characteristic & Application
DIN AWS Cu P Ag Other Sol.Liq.
BCu87PSn(Si) BCuP-9 Rem. 6.0-7.0 - Sn6.1-7.0
635 675 645 Brazing seam is silver-white,the brazing fillet is large,braze the joints with larger gap.
BCu86SnP CP302 Rem. 6.4-7.2 - Sn6.5-7.5 650 700 700Low melting pint,it can take the place of partial silver-copper-phosphorus brazing filler metal to braze the copper and copper alloy.
BCu86SnPNi Rem. 4.8-5.8 - Sn7.0-8.0
620 670 670