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Silver-phosphorus-copper brazing rod
Silver-phosphorus-copper brazing filler metal is a kind of air self-brazing filler metal with moderate melting point and good fluidity. It is widely used in statistical brazing of copper alloy parts in refrigeration, motor, instrument and other industries. With the help of phosphorus self-brazing flux, silver-phosphorus-copper brazing brass and bronze need not be brazed with additional flux, but phosphorus-containing solder can not be used for steel brazing. Brazing methods include flame brazing, furnace brazing, induction brazing and resistance brazing.
  • Product diameter:Different size available per customer's request
  • Product packaging:Different products are packaged according to customer requirements.
  • Product content:No

Product details

National Standard AgCuP brazing filler metal

Standard Correlative Composition(by mass)/% Melting Woking Temp.Min Characteristic & Application
DINAWS Cu P Ag Other Sol. Liq.
BCu91PAg BCuP-6 Rem. 6.8-7.2 1.8-2.2 643 788 740 Brazing the joints of copper and copper alloy with larger gap,widely used for refrigeration,electromechanical and instrument etc industries
BCu89PAg CP-104 BCuP-3 Rem. 5.8-6.2 4.8-5.2 645 815 710 Good plasticity,low phosphorus conetent,it can braze the joints of copper and copper alloy with larger gap
BCu88PAg BCuP-7 Rem. 6.5-7.0 4.8-5.2 643 771 710Good plasticity,phosphorus content is higher than BCu89PAg,good fluidity,it can braze the joints of copper and copper alloy with smaller gap.
BCu87PAg BCuP-4 Rem. 7.0-7.5 5.8-6.2 643 813 720
BCu80AgP BCuP-5 Rem. 4.8-5.2 14.5-15.5 645 800 700Higher plasticity and conductivity,braze the joints with larger gap and demanding conductivity.