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Zhejiang Seleno Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, a professional enterprise to research, develop, produce and sell brazing filler metal¡£It has been a member of National Welding Standardization Technical Committee, a member of the standing committee of national conference on brazing & special joining professional committee, an authorized enterprise of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14000 environment management system. It mainly produces the filler metals which includes copper-base, silver-base materials and relevant products. Our products are widely used in household appliances, refrigeration, electric machinery, electronics, petrochemical, automobile, tools and sanitary, etc. Our main customers are famous enterprises including Gree Electric Appliances, Midea Electric Appliances, Emerson, Siemens, Shanghai Daikin, McQuay ,Sharp, Harbin Electric Machinery, Sany electrical, China South Locomotive, Xiamen Loda, etc.. Meanwhile, they are exported to more than 10 countries including Japan, America, countries in Europe and Southeast Asia.
Our company¡¯s leaders have rich management experiences and strong innovative consciousness. Long before we had the cooperation with many famous institutions in the area of production and research long. They are a group of top qualified R & D team with masters or doctoral degrees with rich technical force. Our enterprise plays an important role in domestic manufacturing field of brazing filler metal, which is one of main drafters of ¡¶silver filler metal¡·,¡¶copper-base filler metal¡·and¡¶aluminum-base filler metal¡·etc filler metals national standard, the undertaker of national, provincial , municipal scientific research and industrialization projects, including Torch Plan Project of Ministry of Science and Technology, Research Domain of Technology-supported Project, the Key Science-technology Project of Zhejiang Province, the Key Scientific Research Project of Zhejiang Province. The company has been chosen as " New Hi-Tech Enterprise " , ¡°Provincal Enterprise Technical Center of Zhejiang Province¡± and ¡°Provincal New Hi-Tech R & D Center¡±. We have obtained a lot of honors including the first prize in science and technology advancement of China Nonferrous metals Industry, the third prize in provincial science and technology, the second prize in science and technology in Jinhua city¡± and ¡° provincial new hi-tech product¡± etc.
Our company has the sprit of independence, innovation, loyalty and harmony, with technology as the primary productive force, talents as the primary resource, and brand as the primary image. We are devoted to becoming the biggest supplier of brazing material, with great innovation of it, and an influential company in the world.